Benefits of Job&Joy for the company and the user

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the benefits of Job&Joy
for the company
and the user

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It is a digital and easy-to-use solution

It is a digital and easy-to-use solution:

accessible from PCs or smartphones, ready to use and easily usable by staff in the offices concerned, without the need for technical support

It is fully customisable

It is fully customisable:

logo, corporate colours, campaigns, rewards, communications and point value – everything is adaptable to what you and your company need

It is flexible and suitable for all needs

It is flexible and suitable for all needs:

  • for different company departments (marketing, sales, human resources)
  • for different locations (configurable in multiple languages, countries and currencies)
  • for various management systems (can be integrated with major platforms and payroll systems)
Satisfaction is guaranteed

Satisfaction is guaranteed:

Prize availability is immediate and choice is made from over 200 brands of digital gift cards. Combined with the fact that logistical and organisational costs are reduced to zero, the needs of companies and users can only be met

It is engaging

It is engaging:

because the company gets closer to its users, thanks to specific news and communications, programmable directly from the interface; these actions help shorten the distance of business relations, in times when the working relationship is increasingly online

It is designed for mobility

It is designed for mobility:

thanks to its full responsive technology, which automatically adapts to the device being used: it can therefore be used from PCs, smartphones and tablets. This makes it possible to offer each user the best possible navigation and to extend reward initiatives in different areas and hook them up to all types of platforms