What is Job&Joy?

Job&Joy is the right choice for your company: thanks to the freedom and flexibility you get from our service, you will save your money, getting rid of logistics costs, optimizing transaction security and delivering one-click rewards.

Satisfaction is guaranteed: the recipient will get the reward of his choice!

Discover all the benefits you’ll get from Job&Joy:

Job&Joy is the reward online platform mobile responsive

Instant rewards: the digital plus

Reward your employees with a simple click, sending points to their personal Job&Joy wallet. By accessing the platform, the reward recipient will redeem the points into a gift card among the hundred and more available in the customizable catalog and use it for an online or in-store shopping experience.

Instant rewards: the digital plus

An easy peasy, flexible digital tool

The Job&Joy digital rewards & incentives platform is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way a company can use to reward its workforce. It’s a win-win solution, with benefits both for the giver and the recipient.

  • Mobile responsive and full digital technology
  • Instant award supply and delivery, saving your time and money
  • Custom branding available with your corporate logo and messaging
  • The easiest way to give your people the rewards they want and chose

An easy peasy, flexible digital tool

A win-win solution for company and employees

Benefit for your company and business:

  • Get in touch with your employees and sales force in a simple and engaging way.
  • Create a rewards campaign in just a few clicks, send the recipient an email invitation to access the platform, to register and redeem his reward.
  • Fully customize the platform with your brand colors and logos, customize the look & feel, the kind of rewards, the gift card catalog.
  • Manage different reward campaigns at a time, personalize your customer loyalty programs by creating different groups of employees, and customize the gift card catalogs underlying each campaign.
  • Manage your campaign in full autonomy, and keep your people updated about the latest news or the campaign development.
  • Save your time and money, getting rid of logistics and shipping costs. 

Benefit for reward recipients:

  • They are rewarded with the gift of their choice, by redeeming their points into the preferred gift card from those available in the catalog.
  • They will access a personal area on the platform to monitor both their personal balance account and the report of their past choices.
  • Gift cards can be downloaded at any time on a smartphone and are immediately ready for use.

Benefit for your company and business

A valued reward

There are over 100 gift cards available.
Amazon, Ikea, Decathlon, MediaMakt, Zalando, Global Hotel Card, Spotify are just some of the premium brands available in our catalog.

A valued reward

A digital platform many benefits for all.

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